General Secretariat




-General secretariat shall consists of one Secretary General, not more than three Assistant Secretary-General and enough personnel up to capacity of the Association.
-The Secretary General is the responsible and competent authority for the forwarding and administration of the Association affairs.
-Administrative, technical and legal affairs which are perdormed within the scope of the activities of the Association, shall be carried out through the units to be established within the General Secretariat.
-Association accountancy and accounting books and other books and all correspondence shall be handled by the General Secretariat.
-In the framework of information security criterias, it is ensured that all prevention and precautions within the scope of the activities of the Association shall be taken by General Secretariat.
-Secretary General; may transfer its duties and authorities assigned to him by the legislation, the general assembly or the board of directors, or may transfer some of them to its helpers or unit supervisors. Secretary General assigns one of his assistants as a surrogate for the duration of his leave or duty, and also assigns one of the unit supervisors as a surrogate in the absence of the Assistant Secretary General.