Board of Directors



- The board of directors consist of eleven (11) members.
- Membership of the legal entity is essential in the Union Board of Directors. Union member have itself represented in the Board of Directors with a person who has been notified to the Union as a representative. Members may change their representative when they wish to do so, except death, resignation and end of the business relationship with the condition of not to exceed two times a year.
- Nine (9) members of the Board of Directors are determined by the first nine (9) Union members who have the highest net sales amount in the previous year among Union members.
-The remaining two (2) board members are selected by the group of the other Union members who are outside the first nine Union members with the highest net sales amount in the previous year and they are selected among these members. In this election, the first nine (9) members with the highest net sales amount in the previous year can not vote.
- Within the three (3) days of following the election, the elected members by distributing their tasks among themselves, elect a chairman of the board of directors from among the members of the board, a vice-chairman and a member of the accountant responsible for the coordination of senior financial affairs.
- In case the president leaves the mission for any reason, the vice chairman of the board is appointed as president and a new vice president is elected at the first board meeting. The Board of Directors performs its duties through the General Secretariat in order to fulfill the objectives of the Association.

The duties and authorities of the board of directors are shown below;
-Appoint the Secretary General by taking the opinion of the institution,
-Appoint Assistants Secretary General,
-Determine the fees to be paid to the Secretary General and the Assistants Secretary General,
-Submit the budget to the approval of the general assembly
-Give necessary approvals to buy, sell and lease immovable properties and to establish the real rights on them.
-Determine the personal, salary and social rights of the personnel to be employed under the Union's activities,
-Within the framework of law and other legislation, to give the information and documents related to the supervision of the Union to the members of the Supervisory Board, without violate the privacy and information security conditions related official correspondence.
-In the documents that will put the Union under responsibility, to decide the signatories who are authorized to sign jointly which will not be less than two.
-Submit of approval of the institution for Union statute change following its approval by the general assembly.
-Prepare the agenda of ordinary and extraordinary general assembly meetings and to call members to the meeting.
-Determine the hiding method of the income and expenditure documents of the association,
-Present the financial audit report of the Association to the general assembly,
-Carry out other works provided by law, related legislation and regulation.